Inspiring Purpose is a personal development teaching resource. Using our unique poster templates, pupils are guided through a journey of self-reflection and inspiration where they reflect upon their own personal strengths, explore who and what inspires them and then use this insight to talk about their future aspirations.

Designed specifically for 10 to 16 year olds, Inspiring Purpose has been principally supported by the John Templeton Foundation. The original values poster was developed from Sir John Templeton’s Worldwide Laws of Life which he published in 1997. The qualities and values reflected on in the programme are aligned with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

The aim and vision of the Inspiring Purpose programme is to give young people the opportunity to think about their values and character strengths whilst also reflecting on who or what inspires them and their aspirations and goals for the future.

Our  mission  is to help young people set goals, demonstrate future-mindedness and develop a sense of purpose. To help these young minds of the future find opportunities and causes that they care about, and to get young people involved in taking action on issues that matter to them.


We have had over 90,000 young people participate in Inspiring Purpose in 58 different nations and territories, and engaging all 32 Local Authority areas in Scotland. We see the impact we have in classrooms and on young people through the feedback we receive at events, and from teachers and pupils on our posters. We see the effort and transformation that young people go through when completing Inspiring Purpose – and we want to share that with you. In this part of the website you will be able to see posters, photos, videos and more from previous awards over the years.


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