Who Inspires You And Why?

The best posters demonstrate a strong connection between YOUR character attributes, other poster elements and future ambitions – so when talking about your inspirational person and quote, look back at your previous work!

REMEMBER: It’s not just about writing. You could include drawings or pictures or video.

Is there a person that you look up to and admire? Your inspirational person can be anyone who you feel makes a difference in this world, but we ask that you do not choose a family member.

We can be inspired by the actions and achievements of others in ways that can help us make a success of our own lives. Choose an inspiring person, story or project related to sustainable futures. Perhaps there is a story you could tell from your own experience and what you’ve learned.

Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  • Who is your inspirational figure? What virtues and values does the person, story or project demonstrate? How are the principles of sustainability applied? Why do you find them inspiring? What is it about them you admire?
  • Do they have ideals, values or characteristics that you would like to live up to?
  • Can you tell us why you think they have achieved success?

The ‘Examples Posters‘ on this page might give you some ideas: photos.app.goo.gl/prkSb3RqqvuE86va6 you might also find some inspiration on our Pinterest page: uk.pinterest.com/CharacterScot/

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