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Global Citizens in the Making: Sustainable Futures is a well established character discovery activity for young people 10-16, now delivered by Association for Character Education. We use a digital template to engage young people in an educational process that helps them to define their purpose and their goals which is well aligned with Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland, and works well with SMSC in England. Over the years the programme has proven to enhance their self-knowledge and self-awareness, as well as encouraging them to search for inspiration and define their aspirations for the future. More than 300,000 young people have taken part over the last ten years.

While still maintaining the overall view of global citizens, our project this year looks at ‘sustainable futures’. Whether pupils focus on climate change, natural resources, the ecosystem or the natural environment, that is completely their decision as they go through the self-discovery journey of this poster project and as they begin to think of how they can help to impact the sustainable futures that matter most to them.

‘The Association for Character Education is excited to be bringing you the Inspiring Purpose programme this year. It has such a positive track record of supporting schools and their pupils in developing their character, and we look forward to seeing some of the fantastic posters that your pupils will no doubt create on the theme of sustainable futures.’
– Tom Haigh, Association for Character Education

“It has really helped me to learn more about myself in the self-reflection section. I know now what I need to work on being and how I can do that. It let me express myself and share my thoughts.”

Izzy Short, (Pupil) Blairgowrie High School

“The importance of the programme cannot be underestimated in our current climate with all the conflicting pressures and influences at work on the youth of today. At the heart of the values and poster programme is the encouraging and nurturing of our young people to be the best that they can be and to recognise that they themselves have the key to being the change they want to see in the world.”

Carol Gollop, (Teacher) Inverurie Academy

“During this project I have learned a lot about myself and I realised that I connect with J.K. Rowling on a whole new level that I hadn’t even realised. I explored my past and my future when writing this and have seen life from a different persons perspective. I am very glad I took part in this project as it has changed me in some ways I never expected.”

Ayesha Frisby, (Pupil) The Waid Academy


Inspiring Purpose enables pupils to explore their character, ideals and values through a unique template using web-based resources. The programme is ideal for 10-16 year olds and can be used with a small group, or an entire year group.

We will provide you with a Teacher Resource to assist with the delivery of the programme. This is designed to give you suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities for each of the sections. It isn’t enough to have pupils complete the sections on their own without any preparation. It is important to lay the groundwork for pupils to complete the programme. This will include having pupils engage in several activities that encourage personal exploration.

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