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1. Look at the qualities in the box, rank these in the order that best describe you, with No. 1 being your strongest quality.
2. Select the quality you ranked No. 1 and write a short statement that explains the quality that best describes you. Provide an example of how you display it in everyday life.
3. Select the quality you most need to work on and write a short statement that explains the quality. Provide an example of what you can do to work on improving that quality in everyday life.

Enthusiastic I feel positive and excited about working on this project.
Organised I can plan efficiently and clearly. I know what needs to be done and when to do it.
Hard-working I always try my best.
Determined I can complete any task when I put my mind to it.
Resilient I can bounce back quickly when I fail at something the first-time round.
Self-Disciplined I do things that are needed, even though I may not want to do them.

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