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    Inspiring Purpose 2017-2018
  1. We are now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year for both the new, revised edition of the Global Citizens poster and our WW1 Centenary themed poster. You can do one or both.

    Please get in touch with any questions or for further information and advice via phone at 01334 844900 or email at
  2. Inspiring Purpose (Global Citizens edition)
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  4. Inspiring Purpose (Global Citizens edition) is a revised version of previous poster templates, focusing on global citizenship and the wider world.
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  6. Inspiring Purpose (WW1 Centenary edition)
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  8. Inspiring Purpose (WW1 Centenary edition) is a poster based on the theme of the World War One Centenary, drawing on the values of history and looking at a sense of purpose.
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  11. Grant Funding:
  12. The Inspiring Purpose programme is invoiced at £4 per head. This covers all hardcopy resources and certification. Character Education Scotland (Charity) are able to offer up to 100% grant funding based on the following criteria, please select which statement applies to your organisation and costs will be calculated automatically. (Total cost is no. of participants x cost per head)
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  17. After you have completed the rest of the form we will send you an invoice with your resources (or via email for international schools and organisations out with the UK).
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