Inspiring Purpose enables pupils to explore their character, ideals and values through a unique template using web-based resources. The programme is ideal for 10-16 year olds and can be used with a small group, or an entire year group. We ask teachers to submit their five most inspirational pieces of work to us by a set deadline 30th April 2021 so that their pupils can have the opportunity to receive awards and certificates for their work. Our Introductory Webinar is available here:

Once your application has been processed we will provide you with the digital template(s) through your selected platform or channel. You will then be able to deliver the programme in digital format of your choice.

You will be provided with a Teacher Resource to assist with the delivery of the programme. This is designed to provide you with suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities for each of the sections. It isn’t enough to have pupils complete the sections on their own without any preparation. It is important to lay the groundwork for pupils to complete the programme. This will include having pupils engage in several activities that encourage personal exploration.


“You know you’re onto a winner when your class asks ‘Are we doing Inspiring Purpose’ today?  The children are incredibly proud of their work and have learned so much about themselves.  I can’t recommend highly enough!”

Karen James, Gilmerton Primary School

“There is no other programme which allows children to develop skills in self-reflection and recognising their values and place in the world.  There is so much for pupils and teachers to benefit from this programme.”

Colette Kelly, Mount Vernon Primary School

“I think it is a superb programme that helps children to articulate and identify strengths and weaknesses. It inspires them to strive to be the best they can be.

I would definitely recommend this to other teachers, as would the children in my class.”

Gail Meiklem, Newport Primary School