Inspiring Purpose aims to help you discover who you are and who you could become. During the programme we hope that you have learned something about character, virtues and strengths and have used these to define your purpose, goals and vision for a better world. We challenge you to take action on your vision as a global citizen in the making! Below you will find details of our Partners; we believe that these are the organizations that can help you bring your vision for a better world to life. You can watch some young people making pledges here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFQpZ3LtQSo. Some of these have a Scottish focus, for the rest of the UK look here. Take action on your vision for a better world today!

The Garfield Weston Foundation was established in 1958 by Willard Garfield Weston, a Canadian businessman who arrived in the UK with his family in 1932. He was the creator of Associated British Foods and the Foundation was endowed with the donation of family-owned company shares. As a result, the Foundation is today the ultimate controller of the company. The trustees today are all lineal descendants of the founder and they remain committed to continuing the ethos that has made the Foundation one of the largest and most respected charitable institutions in the country. It gives them as much pleasure to help a small local community as a major national organisation and they are prepared to consider applications covering a wide range of charitable activity. www.garfieldweston.org

The Northwood Charitable Trust’s core purpose is to make communities better and more supportive places for people to live, work and prosper. The Trust provides financial support to help enhance people’s lives through a wide range of charitable organisations. Its main funding themes are addressing deprivation, poverty and inequality, advancing educational attainment, progressing physical and mental health and wellbeing and supporting community, heritage and cultural enrichment.

WE Schools supports schools to take that next step in action planning to discover local and global issues pupils are passionate about and give them the tools to help make a difference. WE Schools offers the chance for schools across Scotland and the rest of the UK to experience free assemblies and workshops supported by Scottish curriculum learning resources and schools also have the opportunity to attend events such as WE Day UK at Wembley Arena in London to celebrate their hard work and dedication to social action. Schools travelled down from all over Scotland last year with Inspiring Purpose and for a taste of WE Day UK, check out this film: ‘We Day – Born Out of a Dream U.K 2014’ . To sign up to WE Schools and continue the journey go to www.freethechildren.co.uk/we-schools

Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity. We provide young people, aged 11 – 26, with a mixture of information, ideas and incentives to help them become confident, informed and active citizens. We do this in a variety of formats, including online, social, apps, magazines, and phone, etc, so young people can access information in a way they are comfortable with young.scot
The Young Scot Rewards code for completing the Inspiring Purpose programme is: S7NHK6

Project Trust is a Gap Year charity who have been pioneering Gap Year placements in Africa, Asia and the Americas for young people aged 17-19 since 1967. They provide all volunteers with extensive training and support before, during and after their time overseas, to maximise both the educational value of their experience and the positive impact they have in their projects. Challenge yourself, learn about the world, be a positive force within it. Find out more at www.projecttrust.org.uk

#iwill is a UK-wide campaign helping more young people make a difference in their communities through social action that includes activities like campaigning, fundraising and volunteering. Youth social action has a double benefit – it helps build communities and develops character strengths and life skills in young people. www.iwill.org.uk

Unicef Are you passionate about human rights for children and ending violence against children? Unicef’s Schools Campaign Network has a range of activities from petitions to resources for use in your own campaigns and speaking to local MPs focused on campaigning for children’s rights around the globe. www.unicef.org.uk/UNICEFs-Work/Our-campaigns

The Scotland Malawi Partnership also provides membership, help and advice for those looking to learn more about or volunteer and help in Malawi, they have regular meet-ups and membership is free. www.scotland-malawipartnership.org

Vision Africa have a growing number of youth ambassadors if you are interested in their work helping their “Give a Child a Future” campaign in Africa. They also have an array of resources and ideas for fundraising and supporting their work from home as an individual or school. www.vision-africa.org/news/2015/launching-young-ambassadors

Friends of the Earth Scotland have a range of activities that you can take part in that focus on keeping the environment beautiful; this includes becoming an intern at their Edinburgh office, taking part in protests and becoming an activist or sending email campaigns. www.foe.co.uk

Keep Scotland Beautiful run “Young Reporters Scotland” which empowers young people to take action towards the world they want. It gives you the chance to report on issues important to you and gives you skills for your future whilst promoting sustainability. www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/sustainable-development-education/young-reporters-scotland

Scottish Youth Parliament have 150 MSYPs aged between 14 and 25, could you be the next one for your constituency? How about taking part in their surveys and polls to help shape the future of Young Scots? www.syp.org.uk

2018 is the Year of the Young People in Scotland and to prepare for the year and to help shape events and thought the planning team supported by Young Scot, Children in Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament have set up a survey for young people to complete, and there’s one for stakeholders. Take part now here. 2018.scot

Project Scotland helps young people get into volunteering, by giving them advice and help in finding the perfect opportunity for 16 – 30 year olds. Project Scotland works with young people to have them volunteer for 20-30 hours a week, giving young people valuable experience and skills so that they can then enter the workforce in a better position – whilst helping great causes. Find out more here. www.projectscotland.co.uk

Poppy Scotland is the leading charity supporting ex-Servicemen, women and their families in Scotland and they run the Scottish Poppy Appeal annually. You can get involved by raising funds through poppy selling, volunteering, holding a Tea and Toast event or holding a sponsored silence, there are many other ideas and you can see them on their website. It’s a great follow-up idea for those completing “Inspiring Purpose”! www.poppyscotland.org.uk/get-involved

JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) is a learning programme aimed at children aged 10-14 (although there is no cut off level!). The programme focuses on 4 key areas: Get Active Stay Active, My Interests, Me and My World and Adventure. (Inspire Aspire fits very nicely into the “Me and My World” module!) The programme has three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and each programme can be constructed for the needs of the organisation or individual using it. www.jasschools.org.uk

YoMo (Young Movers) provides services and opportunities for young people in the East of Glasgow, helping them feel empowered and get involved in social action. Their vision is to “enable young people to empower themselves by promoting human rights, active citizenship, volunteering and lifelong learning activities.” A great opportunity for those in Glasgow, take a look if you are interested in youth volunteering! www.yomo-online.co.uk