Welcome to Inspiring Purpose

Thank you for being part of Inspiring Purpose. If you have not already registered your participation, please apply here: inspiringpurpose.org.uk/apply.

If you have registered to complete the hard copy programme we are currently awaiting to hear whether funding is available to run a hard copy version of the poster programme from January 2022, and will be in touch as soon as we know more.

To successfully complete the digital programme we encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Review the available templates and choose your preferred format (see options below).
  2. Read through the programme Instructions.
  3. Download and review our Teacher Resource, this is designed to give you suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities.
  4. Explore our many online Resources and step by step Pupil Guide and Previous Entries.
  5. And finally download and understand our key considerations on the Judging Guide.

Programme Templates
In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint and in response to a lot of learning within schools now taking place online, and the need to provide pupils with the ability to work from home if necessary, Inspiring Purpose has been re-designed as a virtual activity. We encourage teachers to utilise platform like Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams to deliver the programme.

A very limited number of last year’s hard copy posters are available upon request on a first come first served basis. However, we will require the school to cover the cost of postage and packaging.

We ask that teachers submit the five most inspirational pieces of work to admin@inspiringpurpose.org.uk so that their pupils can have the opportunity to take part in our awards and so that we can showcase and celebrate our inspirational young people.

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