Welcome to Inspiring Purpose

Thank you for being part of Inspiring Purpose. If you have not already registered your participation, please apply here: inspiringpurpose.org.uk/register

We encourage you to follow these steps:

  1. Review the available templates and choose your preferred format (see options below).
  2. Read through the programme Instructions.
  3. Download and review our Teacher Resource, this is designed to give you suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities.
  4. Explore our many online Resources and step by step Pupil Guide and Previous Entries.

We encourage teachers to utilise platform like Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams to deliver the programme.

What Next?
Once your pupils have completed the project use your Celebration Pack to revisit some of the main principles about the link between good character and developing a sustainable future as well as celebrating their work. We will retweet/share your pupils work if you post it and @CharacterScot and notify us via email admin@character-education.org.uk.

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