From the classrooms where I teach, to movement organizers in the streets, I’ve seen time and again how young people are leading the movement to combat not just the effects of climate change, but to make a just and livable future possible for everyone.

That is why I am thrilled to share my new book for young readers: How to Change Everything: The Young Humans Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other , launching tomorrow. How to Change Everything is full of empowering stories of youth who are showing us that this moment of climate danger is also a moment of great opportunity—an opportunity to change everything. My hope is that young readers will find inspiration in the book to join the fight to protect and reshape the planet they will inherit.

I’ll be kicking off the launch of my book today at a virtual event with Sunrise NYC Youth and Standing Rock’s Tokata Iron Eyes, at the Brooklyn Public Library. You can register for the conversation here.

Love and gratitude to all the courageous young people around the globe who are taking action to defend their future, and all of ours.

In solidarity,

Naomi Klein, The Leap

P.S. If you can’t join the conversation today, I’ll also be speaking with Miko Vergun and Isaac Vergun, co-founders and youth climate leaders with Youth Acting for our Earth hosted by Powell’s City of Books.