Global Citizens in the Making

At Inspiring Purpose, we have a range of different projects to suit your needs. The first is our original project ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ which was originally created in partnership with Legacy 2014 to support the Commonwealth Games. We have now developed a ‘new and improved’ version of the poster which is more generic and can be used in a wider context outside of the Commonwealth Games. We have had 100,000 young people participate in this project in the last 3 years. It is a character discovery programme that helps young people to define their purpose and their goals through a unique poster template and it is well aligned with Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and works well with SMSC in England.

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WWI: Centenary Edition

Our second project is ‘Inspiring Purpose: WW1’ which was created to commemorate the First World War Centenary and works in partnership with the First World War Centenary commemorations throughout the UK. The poster programme is based on historic values allowing young people to explore the history of the First World War and learn more about this significant time in history (this is done through research of a WWI poem, figure and photo/image) in addition to reflecting on their own personal values, sources of gratitude and their vision for a better world. The project works well in both an RME/PSHE/Citizenship context as well as in History lessons.

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Between the Generation

Our new project for this year provides a slightly different challenge. Inspiring Purpose ‘Between the Generations’ is a joint project for a young person to partner with a grandparent, relative or a family friend. It is designed to be completed at home and the idea is to share and learn stories from each other as well as from history. Like our other projects, it uses a specially designed 3-page poster template as a framework for joint reflection involving personal qualities and values, joint choice of inspirational figure from WW1 and corresponding inspirational quotations. As well as this, it provides a joint selection area for the young person and their peer to think about the value of life and what a more peaceful world for the future might look like.

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GCIM: Commonwealth Edition

The last but certainly not least in our selection of fantastic projects is our Inspiring Purpose: ‘Commonwealth Edition’. This is a dedicated project for all of the young people across the Commonwealth Nations and Territories to explore their own personal strengths and challenges. Our mission is simple: to inspire purpose as a way of being in all young people in the Commonwealth. They will learn which values and qualities are required to become: a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor.

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