Inspiring Purpose


Inspiring Purpose and Developing the Young Workforce

Our poster programme can make a great contribution towards Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce, see sample pupil feedback below:


“From taking part in this project I have learned more about myself and what I really want from life. This has helped me realise what I really want to achieve and given me motivation to reach those goals. It makes me think about who I am and what I am.”


We have always had close links with Development Officers at Education Scotland and a recent meeting gave us fresh insight: in essence, DYW is putting young people on firmer ground when making decisions about their future.

Our contribution:

1. We are a catalyst on young people’s journey to answering the question “how do I go about realising what I want to be?”

2. Employers are looking for certain core skills and attitudes; DYW is keen to help young people be able to articulate their strengths and who they are. It is important that young people are encouraged to think about articulation and put this into their ‘journey story’; helping young people reflect upon their future pathway. Our poster programme is an exercise is helping young people think about their future pathway. The earlier and more often young people talk about their future pathway the more it becomes part of their journey.

3. Young people have aspirations, but where do they go with them and how can these aspirations help them to develop their way in life? If you see the sample poster below, we would suggest that schools formally connect posters completed by pupils with their guidance team.

4. To be able to make informed decisions about their future; pupil must be able to recognise the skills and personal qualities needed for different jobs and careers so that they can make the choices that are right for them. Our programme helps pupils reflect upon their core character and starts the realisation process of who they are, where they fit and what drives them.


See poster example below:

lauren ross

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