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Inspiring Purpose and the Attainment Challenge

The programme can make a great contribution towards the Attainment Challenge. ‘Inspiring Purpose: Global Citizens in the Making’ is a personal development teaching resource designed specifically for pupils aged 10 to 16. The programme is highly valued by both Primary and Secondary teachers throughout Scotland, especially those working with young people who typically have low levels of engagement or attainment.


See sample feedback below:


“Inspiring Purpose has become a huge part of our curriculum. It is an invaluable educational tool. It encourages pupils to reflect on their own skills and qualities and every pupil that has completed the project has gained in self-confidence through being encouraged to think more about their future and the impact they can have on the world.”


  • The ‘Values’ section is aligned with Curriculum for Excellence
  • Delivery takes around 10 sessions
  • It is currently being taught from P5 up to S4
  • The programme fits with RME, PSHE and supports Health and Wellbeing outcomes
  • There is a ‘Teacher Resource Manual’ and on-line pupil guide to aid delivery
  • You can find out more here
  • See a sample poster here


You can read about two different teacher’s experience of delivering the programme in a GTC article here



Inspiring Purpose is keen to make a contribution to the Attainment Challenge, for further details contact Programme Manager Julie Thompson on 01334 844900 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Poster Example form The Good Shepherd Centre:

 scott mcclymont

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