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A Lesson In Character

This week we are featured in Teaching Scotland, sharing practice on 'Character' and how Inspire Aspire has helped two teachers inspire and build character in their classrooms...

The article focuses on teachers and their classes from The Waid Academy in Anstruther and the Good Shepherd Centre in Bishopton.

The article highlights the differences faced by both teachers in their teaching practices; Joseph Casey, from the Good Shepherd Centre, which is a secure unit, explains that it is difficult to engage some of his students as they have missed out on a lot of schooling and some lack a lot of self-confidence. However, for Scott Duncan at The Waid Academy, the issues he tends to face is keeping conversation about values and aspirations challenging, exciting and relevant.

Both teachers used Inspire Aspire: Global Citizens in the Making last year, with both having prize winners collect medals and certificates at our annual awards ceremony.

Speaking about the awards ceremony, Joseph says, "when we walked into the hall where all the work was displayed, his really stood out because it had a big, dark picture of Tupac in the middle, and there was someone standing in front of it, reading it intently. His face just lit up." Whilst Scott also revealed, "when you celebrate what pupils do and what they write it's a real confidence booster."

You can read the full article online here or in your latest edition of Teaching Scotland!

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