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Global Connections: Part 8

It's the first Global Connections blog of 2016! We are focusing on a connection between Stonelaw High School and Ikusaselthu High School in Mtubatuba, South Africa!

Mtubatuba is a small town on the north east coast of South Africa, it's first language is Zulu, the name of the town means "Creator of Opportunities" in Zulu.


Pupils at Ikusaselethu with their posters

Ikusaselethu High School and Stonelaw have had a relationship since 2009, Stonelaw High School have raised money to aid orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and through global exchanges and visits, their relationship with Ikusaselethu has grown.

Isabel Gilchrist, one of the dedicated teachers involved in the partnership, has been using the Inspire Aspire programme with pupils in South Africa and has even hosted teachers from Ikusaselethu in the past two years to come to the Awards ceremonies for Inspire Aspire.


Teachers from Ikusasalethu High School at our 2014 Awards event in Glasgow with curler, Eve Muirhead

Feedback from teachers at both schools suggests the success of the inspire aspire connection:

"Having a partnership with a school, especially in a developing country is invaluable to everyone’s education. It is only through personal contacts that you truly learn from them and are able to build on these friendships. inspire>aspire is a good resource to foster that friendship; by talking about values, children find out they have a lot in common. The students are able to learn so much from International Communication." - Isabel Gilchrist, Stonelaw High School

“We are very grateful that this programme exists. It brings about a number of positive things amongst our children. We have many challenges, some of the children do not have a sense of belief in themselves and through this programme they learn that even people in Scotland face challenges and it is not only themselves that have problems. They realise by sharing each other’s stories they will become better individuals.” Nkosini Mhlongo, Ikusasalethu High School


If you want to learn more about Inspire Aspire or if you are interested in partnering with a school within the Commonwealth, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Written by Sarah Virgo

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