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My Aspirations

1. What to do...

How has this research made you more grateful to be alive?
- How do you think you would have reacted during World War One?
- Can you see the similarities and differences between your life now and someone like you during World War One at that time?
- Do you think knowing more about this terrible period of history has made you more appreciative of things? Shelter, food, clean clothes, peace, school?

How has this helped you define your purpose and aspirations for the future?
- What characteristics and values do you want to have in the future? Will your job or future goals help you gain these values and ideals?
- Has researching your inspirational figure given you any inspirational ideas for your future?
- Has your idea of purpose in life changed after reading about World War One? How so? Do you consider your own decisions and choices to be more valuable, or more important?
- What do you want from your future life? How would you like people to describe you?

How will you achieve your purpose and aspirations?
- Will you use any of the characteristics and values that you listed in section one to achieve your dreams and future goals?
- Will you use inspiration from your role-models or from history to achieve your aspirations?
- What is your aim in life? What kind of job would you like? Do you want a job? Would you like to make other people happy?

2. Use the example below to help...

WW1 Aspirations 01


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