Inspiring Purpose

Norman Drummond

Norman Drummond graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge and in Divinity from New College, Edinburgh and has devoted his life to Ministry and Service. He is a former Chaplain to The Parachute Regiment and The Black Watch and is currently a Chaplain to The Queen in Scotland.

In 1997, Norman founded Columba 1400, the first purpose-built prototype Community and International Leadership Centre in the United Kingdom. Situated on the Isle of Skye, Columba 1400 is open to all and welcomes the diversity brought by different cultures and backgrounds, with participants from both the mean streets and the corporate boardrooms. In particular Columba 1400 helps young people from tough, underprivileged backgrounds to discover their potential as leaders and responsible contributors within their communities.

His latest book The Spirit of Success: How to connect the heart to the head in work and in life published by Hodder & Stoughton was published in April 2004.
Norman's message of leadership enhancement at all levels of society, within the United Kingdom and increasingly around the world, continues to elicit greatness and potential. He is in much demand as a keynote speaker at National and International Leadership Conferences, Seminars and Gatherings.

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