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Jehan Sadat

Jehan is the daughter of a British Christian mother and an Egyptian Muslim father. She was born in 1933 in Cairo. When she was only 16, she fell in love with and married a revolutionary, Anwar Sadat, who was 15 years olde r than she. Anwar Sadat became President of Egypt. Jehan was by his side on Oct. 6, 1981, when he was assassinated by right-wing fundamentalists.

Jehan helped her husband, Anwar Sadat, in his struggle for peace; she was an advocate of his message. After his death she continued his mission. At the age of 41, Jehan returned to school to get her degree and became a college professor. She devoted herself to helping Egyptian women overcome discrimination.
She abolished the divorce laws that ruined women's chances to start new lives for themselves. Then, Jehan helped to set up village cooperatives for peasant women. Among Jehan Sadat's many charitable accomplishments is the Talla Society, which was created as an emancipation, education and training support centre. It schools women in handicrafts and helps pay the tuition for almost 1,000 university and secondary-school students. She campaigned for feminist causes.

When many of the war veterans were wounded during Egypt's war with Israel, Jehan helped nurse them back to health. She established a city with a sole purpose to provide a place for disabled war veterans to live with their families. She contributed to rebuilding the Kasr El Einy Hospital.

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