Inspiring Purpose

Walt Disney

A young artist, struggling to achieve his dream of drawing cartoons for a living, was turned away from every newspaper he approached for a job. The editors would look at his work, shrug their shoulders, and tell him, "Forget it. You have no talent. Find yourself another career." Rejection followed rejection. One day, the young artist found himself in an old, dilapidated, mice-infested garage, with no money, and not much hope for success. With plenty of time on his hands, he began to sketch the garage and its resident mice. As he watched the mice and drew their antics on paper, he became fascinated with the little creatures. He began to develop a curious and friendly relationship with the mice, especially one little fellow.

Little did the man realize just how important this relationship would become. The man's name was Walt Disney. The little mouse that Walt modelled so many of his drawings after was named Mickey. Well, Walt and Mickey went on to become two of the most successful entertainers in the world.

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