This space is an opportunity for us to share and illustrate the impact that the Inspiring Purpose programme and its work have had on young people throughout Scotland, the UK and the Commonwealth.

Since 2016 we have had over 90,000 young people participate in Inspiring Purpose in all 52 Commonwealth nations and territories, and engaging all 32 Local Authority areas in Scotland. We see the impact we have in classrooms and on young people through the feedback we receive at events, and from teachers and pupils on our posters. We see the effort and transformational change that young people go through completing Inspiring Purpose – and we want to share that with you.

In this part of the website you will be able to see posters, photos, awards ceremonies, events and projects from previous years as well as details of our research projects and our partners.


Throughout the years, our team at Inspiring Purpose have put the results of our work on display for everyone to see. The videos below are just a few ways that show the impact our programme has had so far on many across the world. Whether it’s our awards films, or our Global Citizens in the Making documentaries, it won’t take long before you feel inspired!


We always like to capture moments of inspiration and reward. The image galleries below will take you through previous events we have hosted to showcase the fantastic work of our young people as well as images from further afield from the Commonwealth.


From inspiring books to awards magazines, each of the below demonstrates the effect and the impact that our work can have on the young people who participate. Our magazines include some examples of the work created by our young people as well as famous quotes they have chosen from their inspirational figures.


No matter what the question or the query is, we’re here to assist you. Just fill in the details below and a member of our team will be there to help.


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