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WW1 - Inspiring Purpose between the Generations

  1. Thank you for your interest in our brand new programme ‘WW1 - Inspiring Purpose between the Generations’. The centenary of World War 1 provides a rich source of stories and examples of strength of character which can be a positive source of inspiration for young people.

    What is it?

    Using a specially designed 3-page poster template, our Inspiring Purpose programme will enable young people and older family or community members to work together on a personal development project using the centenary as a key theme. You can see examples of work completed by young people here.

    The key components are: self-awareness and self-knowledge of personal qualities and values, joint choice of inspirational figure from WW1 and corresponding inspirational quotations, joint selection of a WW1 poem and painting/photo, and defining aspirations for the future. We will publicise the project through national newspapers and support resources will be available to help complete the work.

    Why take part?

    Our previous experience shows enhanced confidence and a raising of aspirations among the young people taking part. The project is also designed to enhance inter-generational understanding; we anticipate that this common endeavour will deepen relationship and rapport.

    In order to take part

    Please click link below to receive e-template and also register your participation on the form. You can also call us on 01334 844900 for a hard copy.

    Click download link below to receive E-Template.


    Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin at the 2015 Awards Ceremony

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