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We know how useful it is to find some extra tools and resources to help pupils and teachers research the topic of WWI for our Inspire Aspire: Inspiring Purpose posters; this week we thought we would share some of the exciting ones we've come across and how them might help you and be of use to you in the classroom! 

1. For the WWI enthusiasts and budding historians Europeana have created a free iBook that leads users through WWI and a variety of different historical research techniques and sources. Users are asked questions alongside sources from WWI to test and practice their skills. It comes as part of Europeana's 1914-1918 project that finished last year. You can download it here. And read more about their work here.

2. Never Such Innocence are a charity based in England that hold a WWI poetry and art competition for young people each year. They have an amazing set of resources that include lots of information on different inspirational figures and stories in a fun and engaging way with cartoons and pupil-friendly layouts. You can download this here.



3. Poppy Scotland provide a range of resourcetish schools that explore the significance of the poppy and focus on all conflicts, not just WWI. Some of these resources may be useful in further research of war and conflict and a useful gateway into opportunities after completing your Inspiring Purpose posters. You can view these here.

4. WW100 Scotland and their twitter feed, which regularly features stories that others send in, are great sources for Scottish sources and stories related to the First World War. This can be found here.


5. Next of Kin is a touring programme run by the National Museums of Scotland; the programme includes online resources, learning programmes and a touring exhibition. Pupils can handle objects and hear from experts about the different artefacts and objects from the First World War that are included in the Next of Kin exhibition. It's a great opportunity for young people to experience history in a different way. The exhibition also provides a variety of events and resources. Their handling resource pack for the artefacts can be downloaded here. And you can check out their history pin, which shows the location of stories from World War One on a map of Scotland, here.

6. Looking for some World War One inspirational figures? You'll find a great selection on the National Library of Scotland's digital "Experiences of the Great War" page which walks you through individuals and their stories. Find it here: The National Library of Scotland also have a variety of other useful resources for your WWI research including "Women in the War" which can be found here, and "Behind the Lines" which explores the personal stories of those in the War, this can be found here.  


7. Looking for some poetry inspiration for your "Inspiring Poem" section in your poster? Look no further than Visit Scotland's page on Scotland's War Poets. Explore poems and biographies of poets whilst learning a few lines yourself! You can find out more here

8. If you are looking for some more localised information about WWI in Scotland then check out the following links for different authority areas; Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Shetlands

Let us know if you have any resources that YOU would like to share! We are a member of and they have some great spaces to share resources - we recommend that you join them too if you're keen to learn more about WWI resources and education!

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