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What is Inspiring Purpose?

Inspiring Purpose is a personal development teaching resource. Using our unique poster templates, pupils are guided through a journey of self-reflection and inspiration where they reflect upon their own personal strengths, explore who and what inspires them and then use this insight to talk about their future aspirations.

Designed specifically for 10 to 16 year olds, Inspiring Purpose is principally supported by the John Templeton Foundation. The original values poster was developed from Sir John Templeton’s Worldwide Laws of Life which he published in 1997. The qualities and values reflected on in the programme are aligned with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

The aim and vision of the Inspiring Purpose programme is to give young people the opportunity to think about their values and character strengths whilst also reflecting on who or what inspires them and their aspirations and goals for the future.


Our  mission  is to help young people set goals, demonstrate future-mindedness and develop a sense of purpose. To help these young minds of the future find opportunities and causes that they care about, and to get young people involved in taking action on issues that matter to them.

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How Does it Work?


Step 1. Apply

To apply for Inspiring Purpose, complete the application form here or give us a call at 01334 844 900 or email us at

After your school or organisation applies to take part in our ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ or ‘WW1’ programmes, we post our resources out to you. Supporting pupil and teacher resources are also included to assist with the programme, these can also be found in the teacher and pupil section's.

You’ll soon be ready to start Inspiring Purpose in your classroom!


Step 2. Complete

There are three key sections on each Inspiring Purpose programme and a range of support resources to aid the delivery of the programme in both the ‘Teacher’ and ‘Pupil’ sections of this website.


The first section asks pupils to reflect on their character attributes and write about their key strengths and the qualities that challenge them, or that they believe they need to work on most.


The next sections ask pupils to reflect on their source of inspiration; these sections include asking about a favourite story or poems, an inspirational figure, pictures and/or inspirational quotes. This gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on a role model or other important things to them and look at the connections to their own person.


The final section asks pupils questions about their future or aspirations, looking at long and short term goals and asking young people to reflect on what matters to them and how they can become the person they wish to be.

The programme delivery is flexible we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions but please note that to achieve the best possible outcome for young people takes time, please plan accordingly – teacher feedback tells us that each section benefits from a preparation session / activity. Teacher Manual


Step 3. Judging

Once young people complete the programme, we ask teachers and organisations to send us their 5 most inspiring pieces of work for Global Citizens and / or 3 most inspiring pieces of work for WW1  by Friday 4th May 2018 so that an external panel of judges can select some of the young people who inspire them the most.

Our judging panels are often made up from different educational, employers and inspiring figures, when judging we take into consideration which pieces of work have shown a real transformation in the young person, as well as aesthetics.

You can find information and guidance in the 'Judging Criteria' on the Teachers area of this site.  


Step 4. Awards

The pupils chosen by the judges will receive certificates and have their work published in our annual magazine.  We celebrate the achievement of these young people - and all participants - with digital awards ceremonies (a personalised video message from a high profile inspirational figure to be played as part of schools’ own end of term events).


A selection of the work we receive will form a digital showcase so that we can share this great insight into young people’s hopes, dreams and ambitions.


You can see a showcase of previous posters and awards on the Impact section of this website. 


Step 5. What Next

After completing the programme, pupils and teachers are directed to our What Next? page where we signpost them to a range of organisations who can help them take action on things that matter to them. 

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